Helping you save money through central heating efficiency

Looking after your central heating system makes good financial sense. Power flushing the system when the problems are mild can save you thousands of pounds in new boilers and radiators. A commercial power flush will pay for itself in a few years through the savings on your heating bills alone, so with the years of corrosion protection included, a power flush is a good decision.

When you start to notice things like:

  • Noisy boiler that cut outs for no reason
  • Black grimy water when you bleed the radiators
  • Radiators that won't heat up, or are patchy with cold spots
  • Rising fuel bills

then it is time to take action.

[img50-S-R}These common central heating system problems are caused by the accumulation of rust, lime scale and debris which form a thick black sludge.this sludge coats and clogs the inner workings of the central heating system, making it difficult for the boiler and pump to circulate heat and hot water. The only way to get rid of this sludge is to have a  commercial power flush.

Power Flush Master have been power flushing central heating systems for over 14 years and have the experience to deal with all types of system, even those with Microbore Piping and under floor heating. All our engineers are fully insured, CRB Police Checked and Gas Safe registered and work to an exceptionally high standard. The flush can be carried out in a single day in most cases, and we guarantee you will be happy with the results.

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Power Flushing Benefits

After flushing your radiators, you will notice the difference right away. Unblocking the radiators and valves makes it easier for the boiler and pump to transport heat and hot water all around your property. This means it will take far less energy to heat your property. You will no longer have boiler cut outs, strange boiler noises or cold spots on your radiators. Power flushing your central heating system will pay for itself in a very short time - you will have a reduction of up to 25% on your  heating bills.

Power Flush Master are proud of the professional services they provide, and unlike many smaller companies, offer a FREE 3 year guarantee with every power flush. If you have chosen to have a MagnaClean Filter fitted at the same time as your flush we will extend this to a 5 year guarantee.

Our power flushing services and Boiler servicing is available in  Dover, Swingate, Whitfield, Alkham, Guston, Hougham, Lydden Hill, Hawkinge and throughout Kent.

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Central Heating Repairs

No damage will be caused to your system during a power flush, but the power flush may highlight damage already present, such as rusted through radiators and leaky valves. Don't worry if during your power flush we discover that parts need replacing! All our engineers are fully qualified plumbers and carry a supply of various pumps, valves and thermostats that commonly need replacing during a power flush. No work will be carried out on your system without your express consent, and you will be fully advised of any additional costs before we commence repairs. Looking after your central heating system will pay for itself over the years, as an efficient system is far more economical to run.

"Having a hotel here in Dover, it is important to us that we provide a comfortable and stress free enviromnet for our customers. Having heat and hot water is most important and we rely on Power Flush Master to look after our central heating system. We would certainly recommend them to others" - Mr & Mrs Tennyson, Dover