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Your central heating system is the most important and expensive system in your home. Having a boiler breakdown is stressful and inconvenient - but there are steps you can take to protect your boiler and get the best efficiency from your system.  Over time, your system will get clogged and blocked up with sludge, a build up of rust, lime scale and debris that occurs through day to day use. This sludge will damage your boiler, radiators and pump, and will make the energy consumption skyrocket, resulting in you paying higher fuel bills.

Royal Tunbridge WellsPower flushing the central heating system is the only way to remove this sludge from your system, restoring free circulation of heat and hot water and taking the pressure off your boiler and pump. It is essential that you get an established firm of heating engineers to flush your radiators as each system is unique and needs individual treatment. Our engineers are all highly skilled, and can deal with any type of central heating system including those with Microbore Piping and under floor heating. Your system can be flushed in a single day for most domestic cases, and you will begin to reap the benefits straight away.

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Power Flushing Benefits

Getting a power flush will cure most common central heating system problems. After the sludge has been removed from your system, you will notice that:

Your system heats up much faster
All your radiators heat evenly
The boiler doesn't cut out and is very quiet.
Your fuel bills will fall.
Your system will be protected from sludge build up.

Power Flush Master are proud of the professional services they provide, and unlike many smaller companies, offer a FREE 3 year guarantee with every power flush. If you have chosen to have a MagnaClean Filter fitted at the same time as your flush we will extend this to a 5 year guarantee.

Our power flushing services and Boiler servicing is available in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Southborough, Speldhurst, Pembury, Withyham, Bayham Abbey, Brenchley and throughout Kent.


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Central Heating Repairs

No damage will be caused to your system during a power flush, but the power flush may highlight damage already present, such as rusted through radiators and leaky valves. Don't worry if during your power flush we discover that parts need replacing! All our engineers are fully qualified plumbers and carry a supply of various pumps, valves and thermostats that commonly need replacing during a power flush. No work will be carried out on your system without your express consent, and you will be fully advised of any additional costs before we commence repairs. Looking after your central heating system will pay for itself over the years, as an efficient system is far more economical to run.

"Brilliant. I really thought the boiler had had it - but it's running better than it has done in years. Thanks to Power Flush Master" - Terri Runt, Royal Tunbridge Wells