Helping you save money through central heating efficiency

During the power flushing of commercial and residential heating systems Power Flush Master use MagnaClean filters. As the market leading manufacturers of central heating efficiency equipment MangaClean's filters are a highly effective, high flow magnetic filter. It removes virtually all black iron oxide from a central heating system, allowing your system to work more efficiently.

MagnaClean power flushing filters have been designed and manufactured specifically to increase the effectiveness of a power flush on any new or old central heating system and Power Flush Master only use MagnaClean filters during our power flushing process.

Most old and ageing central heating systems generally have large amounts of sludge within them, this is caused by oxidation within the system and can result in costly repair bills if left untreated. A MagnaClean filter will provide immediate and long term benefits both during and after a power flush. MagnaClean filters will:

  • Virtually remove all iron oxide 'sludge' from the central heating system
  • Stops iron oxide from building up within the system
  • Allows your central heating system to run more efficiently
  • Long term savings in your fuel bills

Power Flush Master highly recommend having a MagnaClean filter fitted as part of combating system deterioration and to gain optimum efficiency and longevity from your central heating system.

Magna Clean Filters