Helping you save money through central heating efficiency

Over time central heating systems become very inefficient, and across the UK there are thousands of central heating systems which aren’t performing as well as they should be.

That’s because black iron oxide will accumulate inside a system and manifest itself as ‘black sludge’, which can result in any number of problems that can be very expensive to fix.

So what can Power Flush do to improve your heating system?

Our advanced power flushing technology has a number of benefits and can help keep your central heating system performing with optimum efficiency.

The Power Flush is a powerful chemical mix with rust inhibitors, and it’s pumped through your system to cleanse your pipes and radiators of any sludge deposits that have built up over time.

It’s a highly-effective process that’s designed not only to cleanse the system, but to protect it from any further corrosion and damage, which means that your boiler and radiators will perform much more efficiently (and with an extended lifespan).

Since power flushing your heating system prevents internal deterioration and ensures an increased circulation of heat and hot water around your property it can, over time, save you a considerable amount of money. You won’t need to pay to fix any iron oxide-related breakdowns, and since heating up times will be reduced your energy bills will be much lower.

Call us today - find out more about the Power Flush process and how it can help you improve the performance and longevity of your central heating system.

Power Flush Benefits

Benefits include...

  • Improves central heating efficiency
  • Improves water circulation
  • Hotter radiators
  • Prevents build up of oxidative 'sludge'
  • Reduces boiler noise
  • Save on heating bills
  • Heating up times are reduced
  • Can be done in a day
  • Extends lifespan of radiators and boilers